Water and Wastewater

Senate offers a wide range of engineering solutions to municipal, commercial, and industrial clients

Senate is a leader in water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment services. Our clients turn to us for assistance with feasibility studies, facilities design and permitting, construction management, and operations analysis.

Drinking Water Systems

Our experience with public water systems includes planning, design, permitting or construction of the following:

  • Planning and Feasibility Studies
    Environmental Studies
    (PNDI, PHMC, Wetlands, Phase 1 Environmental Studies, etc.)
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Supply
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Treatment
  • Pumping and Storage
  • Distribution
  • Water Audits and Loss Prevention
  • Operations Assistance
  • Hydraulic Modeling

Wastewater Systems

Senate Engineering provides a full complement of sanitary and combined sewer services to over 30 authorities and Townships and Boroughs with sanitary or combined sewer systems.  Many of these clients have relied upon Senate for years and even decades of reliable, quality and cost-effective professional services.

Our project team experience includes the following planning and design services:

  • Act 537 planning system-wide plan revisions, special studies and planning module reviews
  • PA DEP corrective action plan and consent order negotiation, compliance and reporting
  • Gravity sewer collection systems (new systems and repair/rehabilitation of existing systems) 
  • Trenchless technologies for sewer repair/installation including relining with steam, water and UV methods, slip lining and pipe bursting
  • Grinder pump and low-pressure sewers
  • Pumping and conveyance
  • Flow equalization and storage
  • Infiltration and inflow studies and reduction
  • Flow monitoring and data evaluation including SSOAP and SWMM software
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Industrial pretreatment program development and reporting
  • Combined sewer separation
  • Treatment plant evaluations and planning and design for upgrades, capacity increases and new systems
  • Individual and community on-lot disposal systems
  • Small flow treatment systems
  • Long-term control plans
  • Tapping fee studies
  • Rate studies
  • Estimates of probable construction costs
  • Chapter 94 reports
  • Consulting engineer reports for bond indentures
  • NPDES permit applications and renewals
  • Water quality management Part 2 permit applications
  • GIS sewer system mapping and database development and training

The Senate Difference

Senate Engineering has the ability to design, manage, finance and implement your project in an efficient, cost effective way.

Senate’s most recent Dun and Bradstreet report shows a clear financial history and strong financial capability. Senate consistently provides the highest quality professional services, at a reasonable cost, and on a schedule designed to meet our client’s requirements.

Senate Engineering Company’s professional staff conducts facility designs, prepares complete bid packages and project cost estimates, solicits bids, evaluates the bids received and prepares recommendations for award.

Senate Engineering Company works closely with our clients to conceptualize new facilities and evaluate and select the best available site.