Geographic Information Systems

Senate offers a wide range of engineering solutions to municipal, commercial, and industrial clients

Leave the mapping to us! Senate Egineering has been providing Geographic Information System (GIS) services for over twenty five years.  We currently provide GIS services to over forty municipalities, as well as, private clients.

The Senate Engineering GIS Department continues to embrace the leading edge of the GIS technology, and as it progresses forward so do the services offered by the Senate GIS team. As the GIS requirements of our clients continue to evolve so does our primary focus in addressing those needs. Today Senate’s GIS services continues moving forward towards new horizons by the utilization of cloud services and field-based GIS applications enabling clients to maximize their investments in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

In serving local governments and authorities traditional GIS and GPS data collection/creation, preparation, and analysis techniques are also continued to be utilized for cartographic map production, infrastructure projects, and all required submissions such as MS4 Stormwater Protocol Compliance. Senate GIS personnel can expertly assist clients through the data collection using Trimble GPS hardware and software for the collection, then continue assistance and support throughout the duration of the project. The Senate GIS team can be actively involved in all phases of your GIS development from needs assessment and data development to on-site training in desktop and field applications.

Examples of coverages that we have created:

– Base mapping layers – Tax Parcels – Roads – Soil Analysis – Sanitary Sewer Systems – Railroads  – Water Systems  – Land Use – Drainage – Zoning Districts – Steep Slopes – Lakes – Building footprints – Fire hydrants – Utilities – Floodplains – Contour lines  – Storm Sewer Systems

GPS Rental

Senate is pleased to announce the introduction of GPS rental services from our GIS Department.  We offer (1) 2008 Trimble GeoXH sub-foot, mapping grade GPS unit for your GIS mapping needs.

This unit is ideal for municipalities, boroughs and authorities in need of data collection, inventory and asset management (i.e. GASB-34) for such structures as:

  • Storm and sanitary items (inlets, manholes, pipes)
  • Traffic facilities (stop signs, signals, public signs, bridge and road maintenance schedules)
  • Water/Wastewater facilities (hydrants, valves, pump stations)
  • Recreational facilities (park boundaries, tree shade programs, trails)

Digital data collection forms can be customized to collect information about any structure, including monitoring: condition, age, year built, date repaired, date replaced, ID number, current monetary value, depreciation, road intersections, material, etc.

We offer weekly and monthly rental rates, on-site training, as well as, all accessories needed for data collection (external antenna, cables, etc).

Please contact our GIS Department for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

Other GIS Services

  • Transportation or movement of people related features (ADA ramps, stop signs, signals, public signs, bridge, crosswalk inventory, and road maintenance schedules)
  • Paving Programs for Municipalities
  • Recreational facilities (park boundaries, tree shade programs, trails)
  • Zoning Map Preparation (Residential, commercial, etc)
  • Detailed indexed Street Maps
  • Complete Sanitary and Storm Sewer System data collection including attributes through the use of GPS.
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Networks Maps – generated from As-built or CAD drawings detailing sewer structures and attributes (features that can be included: manholes, inverts, catch basins, outfalls, headwalls, pipes, and diameters)
  • Water/Wastewater facilities (hydrants, valves, pump stations)
  • Map Books
  • ArcGIS Online Dashboards
  • MS4 Stormwater Protocol Compliance
  • Funding Source Identification
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Database Design/Importation

The Senate Difference

Senate Engineering has the ability to design, manage, finance and implement your project in an efficient, cost effective way.

Senate’s most recent Dun and Bradstreet report shows a clear financial history and strong financial capability. Senate consistently provides the highest quality professional services, at a reasonable cost, and on a schedule designed to meet our client’s requirements.

Senate Engineering Company’s professional staff conducts facility designs, prepares complete bid packages and project cost estimates, solicits bids, evaluates the bids received and prepares recommendations for award.

Senate Engineering Company works closely with our clients to conceptualize new facilities and evaluate and select the best available site.