In 2004, Governor Rendell announced a four year, $200 million Home Town Streets and Safe routes to Schools Program in his budget address to Legislature, as part of the Growing Greener Initiative. In 2005, 142 projects totaling $128 million were approved by the State Transportation Commission.  The State’s Transportation Improvement Programs include Transportation Enhancement Projects, which consist of twelve different programs including:

  • Hometown Streets
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Congested Corridors (funding of replacement of old traffic signals)
  • Safety and Education for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
  • Acquisition of Scenic Easements and Scenic or Historic Sites
  • Scenic or Historic Highways
  • Landscaping or Scenic Beautification
  • Historic Preservation
  • Rehabilitation and Operation of Historic Buildings
  • Structures or Facilities
  • Preservation of Abandoned Railway Corridors (Rails to Trails)
  • Control and Removal of Outdoor Advertising,
  • Archeological Planning and Research
  • Environmental Mitigation of Runoff Pollution and Provision of Wildlife Connectivity
  • Establishment of Transportation Museums
  • Rails to Trails Program

Senate Engineering Company has assisted our clients with many of these important programs. Our local municipal project experience in these areas include:  Bridge construction and replacement, Hometown Streets, Safe Routes to Schools, Congested Corridors, and Rails to Trails.  Our participation in these programs includes: Application completion and submission, Cost and Benefit analysis, Establishing Scope of Work, preparation of environmental documents, ROW Plans, Preparation of Plans Specifications and Engineers Estimates, (PS&E) and providing support services from letting to complete construction administration.