Kittanning Streetscape

Northpointe Retail Area

Armstrong County

EPA Consent Order Agreement
Blawnox Borough

Stormwater Ordinance Update
Washington Township, West Co.

Spaces Corners Waterline Extension
Rayburn Township Joint Municipal Authority

C&O Trail – Cumberland MD to DC – 175 mile Trail Assessment
Regional Trail Corporation

Critical and Non-Critical Consent Order Sewer System GIS Mapping
Elizabeth Township Sanitary Authority

Water Treatment Plant, Hawthorn Area Sanitary Sewer & Treatment Plant Project
Hawthorn Redbank-Redbank Municipal Authority

Climax Tunnel  Design & Inspection
Manorville Bridge Design
Allegheny Valley Land Trust

Crawford Run Sanitary Sewer Lining
East Deer Township

EPA/DEP Consent Order Sewer Mapping
East Deer Township, Fawn Township Sewage Authority

Butler Crossing 39 Acre Retail Development
Keystone Ridge Land Development
Butler Township

CITF Grant – Streetscape Project
Cheswick Borough

Park View Apartments Waterline
Freeport Towers/Warren Manor / Lee Haven Towers: Air Handling Replacements
Balcony Towers Hallway Floor Options
Armstrong County Housing Authority

ACT 537 Plan
Clintonville Borough

1st and 2nd Street Sewers
Water Rates Review
East Brady Borough

MS4 Program
Old Orchard Park Improvements
Hampton Inn Development
Hartman Farms Plan Review
Saint Johns and Paul Amplitheater
Franklin Park Borough

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
North Fayette County Municipal Authority

Morgan Street Waterline and Railroad Crossing
DCED Water Grant
ATI Stormwater Management Plan
Brackenridge Borough

Edgewater Plan Phase IV
Water System Evaluation
Oakmont Borough

Logan St Landslide Remediation
Reserve Township

GIS Development & CCTV (DEP Sanitary Sewer Action Plan)
West Hills Water Pollution Control Authority

Waterline Extension
South Buffalo Municipal Authority

CCTV Phase II (ACHD Consent Order)
Reserve Township

Northpointe Tech Center
Armstrong County Industrial Development Authority

NBIS Bridge Inspections
City of McKeesport

MS4 Program
Oaklahoma Borough

Marina Improvements
Springdale Borough

National Pike Road Sewer Extension
Dirt and Gravel Road Program
Donegal Township, Westmoreland Co

Cheswick Power Station Verifications
Springdale Borough

Volunteer Fire Department Construction
North Apollo Borough

Community Wide Sanitary Storm Separation
Leechburg Borough

Pucketa Creek Sewer Extension
Flow Meter Upgrades
Murrysville 366 Corridor Improvements
Sewer System Map Update
Camp Joann Pump Station
Washington Township Municipal Authority

Upper Pine Run Sewer Project
Washington Township Municipal Authority

County Jail Bridge Removal
Armstrong County

Aerial Mapping
SR 68 ARLE Grant
Armstrong County

CSO #3 Separation
Elizabeth Borough Municipal Authority